I am devoted to helping owners create a stronger relationship with their dogs. My goal is to support you and your dog overcome difficulties and achieve long-lasting results. The methods I use will improve the lives of both you and your dog as they are non-aversive and help to develop better communication and understanding.

Every dog has their own personality and this is why I produce a personalised training plan tailored to your dog. I will work closely with owners to tackle unwanted behaviours and provide ongoing support after the session(s). I will provide owners with the knowledge and techniques they need to change their dog’s behaviour.

I graduated with an honours degree in Animal Behaviour (Bachelor of Science) from the University of Aberdeen. The main focus of my higher education was dog behaviour and I completed my honours degree by doing research with the SSPCA and Dogs Trust.

I am constantly aiming to stay up-to-date with the latest science-based training methods by reading books and scientific papers. I am also certified in Dog First Aid and am interested in dog nutrition.